Service with a 360° range.

Our sales and service team is equipped with comprehensive skills, vast experience and international competence. Our customers will receive well-grounded consultation on our products as well as a highly motivated and targeted service.

  • Competence
  • Service orientation
  • Internationality
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Corporate management and sales management

  • Jessica Berner Egen
  • Christian Egen
  • Sales

    • Lara Nettekoven
    • Isabelle Butz
    • Stefanie Werner
    • Laura Fernandez

    Training & customer success

    • Ulrich Graf
    • Christian Egen
    • Isabelle Butz
    • Lara Nettekoven
    • Steffen Fiedler
    • Jens Lang
    • Robert Pannicke
    • Felix Becker
    • Timo Schlüter

Team mobee® 360.


  • Alexander Steffens
  • Nico Rau
  • Karsten Müller
  • Marvin Kaiser
  • Tobias Fischer

Administration & finance

  • Katrin Schmitz
Messevideo FIBO 2019. Messevideo FIBO 2019.


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