360° competence.

Our team is equipped with comprehensive skills, vast experience and a service-minded attitude. Our customers will receive well-grounded consultation on our scientifically validated products as well as a highly motivated and targeted technical support and training.

  • Competence
  • Service orientation
  • Scientific foundation
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General management

  • Jessica Berner Egen, Commercial Director
  • Christian Egen, Technical Director

Technical management

  • Alexander Steffens, Head of Development

Sales management

  • Frank Gauweiler, Sales Director


  • Katrin Tobes, Senior Administration Manager

Sales Team

  • Lara Nettekoven, Head of Marketing & Senior Sales Manager
  • Isabelle Kolf, Senior After Sales & Product Manager (currently in maternal leave)
  • Martin Hofmann, Senior Sales Consultant
  • Stefanie Werner, Senior Internal Sales Manager
  • Maria Obermaier, Marketing & After Sales Manager
  • Ulrich Graf, Marketing & Event Manager
  • Laura Fernandez, Customer Support Manager

Development Team

  • Karsten Müller, Senior Application Developer
  • Marvin Kaiser, Senior Application & Online Developer
  • Annette Wakam, Senior Medical Developer
  • Simon Lammes, Junior Online & Mobile Developer

Advisory Board

  • Christian Egen
  • Dr. Frank Eger
  • Michael Lutz

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