Your starting point for digital diagnostics.

The mobee® 360 basic module enables the use of our various single modules which can be integrated flexibly into the platform. From personal data collection through report generation and sharing to a central overview within a versatile “cockpit” – the basic module constitutes your central starting point for successful digital diagnostics.

  • Personal data
  • Reporting
  • Interfaces
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mobee 360 basic module.

Basic features

The basic features are available regardless of the number of modules or the service tariff.

  • Administration of personal data
  • Data anonymization
  • Creation of groups
  • GDPR support
  • Data export
  • Interfaces to administrative systems
  • Network functions
  • Automatizable backups
  • Online update retrieval
  • Activation assistant
  • Remote support client
  • Digital help documents
  • Results via e-mail

Premium features

The premium features are accessible for customers with service contract tariff “M” or higher.

  • Timeline: chronology of measurement results
  • Reporting: all relevant data in one central document
  • Data archive: all documents in a central place
  • Anonymized results via QR code
  • Interfaces to third-party systems
  • Enhanced features for single modules

mobee 360 laptop with mobile phone showing results

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