Software registration & activation

Register your TANITA Pro software here and receive your unlimited activation key.

You will need your six-digit TANITA ID which you have been provided with by TANITA, and an e-mail address to receive the activation document as a PDF file. Please check your spam folder and spam settings, if necessary.

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Thank you for purchasing a TANITA product!

After installation, you can use the TANITA PRO software immediately. To activate your full licence, please register your software and request your personal licence key here within 30 days after installation.

In the TANITA ID field, enter the TANITA ID you received via email after purchasing the software. Please be aware that the TANITA ID might have been received by your purchasing department or another person than yourself. The ID does NOT correspond to the serial number or purchase order number, and the software can NOT be activated based on these numbers.

After registration you will receive your personal and unique licence key which you can enter in the activation wizard in the software to activate the full licence.

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