my mobee® app - 360 degree view of health.

my mobee® offers extensive usage options for customers and patients as well as for all providers of health-oriented services. Eight different health topics are covered and linked in an intuitive app. Customers and patients receive their results, successes and recommendations together with simple explanations directly on their own cell phones. As a provider, you control your diagnostic offerings and use provided resources around your solutions.

  • Digital diagnostics in an intuitive app
  • Results, successes and recommendations
  • Manage workflows around diagnostics solutions
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my mobee® for customers and patients

Results, successes and recommendations can be viewed in my mobee® at any time on the cell phone. Layman-friendly explanations of the results and particularly clear presentations make the various health topics tangible and improve understanding of one’s own health situation. In this way, the my mobee® app makes a lasting contribution to the motivation, compliance and loyalty of customers and patients.

  • eight health topics
  • one intuitive app
  • scores based on reference values
  • understandable results
  • configurable reports
  • information on daily relevance
  • progress charts
  • recommendations

Access to my mobee® for customers and patients

The app is available for download in the respective stores of your mobile operating system (Apple, Android).

As a customer/patient of a facility, you will have to register in the my mobee app with your name, date of birth, and email address. In order to receive your personal results, successes and recommendations from your provider, a linking between you and the facility must take place. This is possible both via an email invitation from your provider, but also by scanning a QR code from the provider’s mobee 360 software.

my mobee® for providers

With my mobee® , you can perform numerous processes related to your digital diagnostics conveniently from your cell phone or web browser. You also get access to valuable resources for using your solutions, such as product-specific topic webinars.

  • internal user invitation and administration
  • patient/customer invitation and administration
  • overview of available diagnostic products
  • list of valid license keys
  • download of software modules
  • activation and deactivation of additional computers
  • product-specific webinars and tutorials
  • marketing kits
  • training materials

Access to my mobee®

As a mobee® 360 customer (provider), the option to use my mobee® is available to you if you have a valid service contract from the “M” tariff. Customers with a current service contract in the “M” and “L” tariffs automatically receive access to my mobee® together with their next billing. We will be happy to activate the service earlier on request. For activation, contact us using this form.

Conveniently invite your customers or patients via the email or QR code function provided in the mobee® 360 software and share your results, successes and recommendations with them.

my mobee im App Store

Areas of application.


Business (providers)

Functions for healthcare providers.


Consumer (customers)

Functions for customers and patients of healthcare providers.

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