mobee® metabolic - metabolism, nutrition & lifestyle.

mobee® metabolic stands for the important topic of “metabolic health”. The new, prevention-oriented solution from the mobee® 360 family includes a functional analysis of the resting metabolism by means of respiratory gas composition and rounds this off with targeted questioning about the individual’s exercise habits. The product was developed in cooperation with the Leipzig-based company CORTEX. The focus is on early diabetes prevention, combating lack of exercise and nutritional counseling.

  • Metabolic analysis combined with assessment of daily movement habits
  • Spot on health risks and health-protective resources
  • Well-grounded basis for training, nutrition and lifestyle modifications
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Characteristics of mobee® metabolic

  • Functional metabolism analysis based on breath gas composition
  • Analysis of individual movement habits
  • Goal-oriented (e.g. wish for weight loss)
  • Individual result reports
  • Nutrition recommendations suitable for everyday life
  • Combination with other topics, e.g. body fat percentage and activity of the central nervous system

Analysis options in mobee® metabolic

  • Respiratory quotient (RQ)
  • Energy sources
  • Metabolic flexibility
  • Resting, activity and basal metabolism
  • Activity level
  • Potential for improvements in daily life
  • Goal-oriented recommendations for daily calory intake
  • Health risks
  • Health-protective resources and health-reserves

metabolic screen and device

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