Muscular mobility.

mobee® fit assesses the mobility of relevant muscle groups and identifies deficits as well as asymmetries. Thanks to the easy-to-understand progression analysis as well as individual training recommendations, mobeefit is the ideal basis on which you can plan interventions to enhance and promote mobility.
Whether for your gym, sports association or corporation – mobeefit is the right choice for professional mobility assessments.

  • Extremely fast mobility analysis
  • Ideal instrument for client acquisition and retention
  • Basis for individual and professional support
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mobee fit.


  • 11 functional mobility tests
  • interactive teach-in
  • measuring device as remote control
  • real-time animation of movement
  • real-time comparison with reference values
  • editable results report
  • information on relevance for daily activities
  • progression report with animation
  • exercise recommendations

Analysis options and profiles

  • Range of Motion, symmetry and harmony
  • 8 different muscle areas: shoulder-neck muscles, core muscles, pectoral muscles, hip flexors, hamstrings, leg extensors, adductor muscles, calf muscles
  • Universal and sports-specific measuring profiles
  • Measurements in upright, sedentary and recumbent positions

Exercise recommendations for targeted mobility training

  • Gymnastic (office) exercises
  • Just Functional – functional exercises
  • fle-xx backbone concept
  • five back & joint concept
  • BLACKROLL® fascia training
  • and many other recommendations


  • medo.check
  • milon care
  • Cardioscan
  • egym Trainer App
  • Combined measurements with mobee spine

mobee fit

Areas of application.

Sports & Fitness

Our multi-purpose portfolio for gyms, trainers and sports associations.

Companies & Institutions

Products and services for a targeted corporate health management.

Therapy & Medicine

Innovative systems and services for medical doctors and physical therapists.

Public environments.

Senior care facilities, schools and local administrations.

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