Strength and Strength Ratios.

BackCheck® by Dr. WOLFF is a proven, multi-functional measuring system for the evaluation of strength and strength ratios. The system uses various static strength tests to identify functional deficits and muscular imbalances. All tests have a high significance for everyday life and sports and are provided with reference values which were proven in more than 15 years of experience. The new BackCheck® 617 and corresponding BackCheck® Pro software take the strength test to a new level.

  • Proven tests in a new form
  • High validity for sports
    & everyday life
  • Planning basis for effective
    strength training
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BackCheck & LegCheck.

Why the new BackCheck® software?

The BackCheck® Pro software, developed on a state-of-the-art technology platform, can be used with both the new BackCheck® (617) and previous models (600, 606, 607, 608) in the form of a software upgrade. In combination with the live electronics of the BackCheck® 617, it is much easier to learn and perform the tests thanks to virtual teach-ins and live instructions. The results are displayed in the form of tangible and easily understandable scores dedicated to different muscle areas. The Pro software is characterized by an extremely high user-friendliness, a modern design and efficient operating procedures. Our competent and helpful support team assists users in all questions concerning the software.

What else is new?

The Pro software allows a combined display of analysis results from Dr. WOLFF BackCheck® and LegCheck®. The available score calculations from the BackCheck® are
supplemented by the corresponding scores from the LegCheck® and fused together. Thus you receive a crossbody analysis of the strength and strength conditions including the legs.

Tests included

  • Core: extension-flexion, lateral flexion
  • CS: extension-flexion, lateral flexion
  • Upper body: push-pull
  • Shoulder: abduction
  • Leg: abduction, adduction
  • Hip: extension
  • Leg press

Back Check & LegCheck

BackCheck analysis

BackCheck results

Areas of Application.

Sports & Fitness

Our multi-purpose portfolio for gyms, trainers and sports associations.

Companies & Institutions

Products and services for a targeted corporate health management.

Therapy & Medicine

Innovative systems and services for medical doctors and physical therapists.

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Public environments

Senior care facilities, schools and local administrations.


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