Stress analysis for a success-oriented stress management.

Stress Pilot® Pro is a holistic tool for individual stress and resilience diagnostics. The innovative and one-of-a-kind solution analyzes the functional state of the vegetative nervous system as the “headquarters” of the human organism. It constitutes an ideal basis for targeted stress management.

  • Apparative stress and resilience diagnostics
  • Functional state of the nervous system
  • Questionnaires and reporting
  • Biofeedback training
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Stress Pilot Pro.


  • HRV analysis based on pulse oxymetry (ear clip)
  • 1-minute RSA test
  • 5-minute HRV test
  • psychosocial analysis using validated questionnaires
  • inclusion of subjective influence factors
  • individual results reports
  • anonymized group reports
  • adaptive biofeedback training with progress analysis

Analysis options

    Performance of the vegetative nervous system

  • stress regulation factor RSA: cardiovascular adaptability
  • stress regulation factor RMSSD: regulation speed
  • stress regulation factor mHF: regulation capacity
    Vegetative Balance

  • vegetative load
  • vegetative activation
  • vegetative reserves
    Psychosocial factors

  • stressor amount
  • resilience
  • stress load and impact
  • work ability

Training options

  • degree of rhythmisation
  • cardiologic adaptation
  • vegetative activation
  • regulation speed

Stress Pilot PRO

Areas of application.

Sports & Fitness

Our multi-purpose portfolio for gyms, trainers and sports associations.

Companies & Institutions

Products and services for a targeted corporate health management.

Therapy & Medicine

Innovative systems and services for medical doctors and physical therapists.

Public environments.

Senior care facilities, schools and public administrations.

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