Stress Load and Regulation.

Stress Pilot® Pro is a holistic tool for individual stress analysis. The ability to regulate biological stress responses is measured on the basis of heart rate variability (HRV). This reflects the regulatory capacity of our autonomous nervous system: The more variable the heart rate, the better the nervous system works. Conversely, a low variability indicates that the nervous system does not regulate effectively.

  • HRV analysis in just one minute
  • Consideration of psychosocial
  • Basis for success-oriented
    stress management
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Stress Pilot Pro.

Why Stress Pilot® Pro?

The holistic stress analysis consists of a one-minute HRV test using an optical analysis method via an earclip, from which data on single heart activities are obtained. Hereby, the body‘s ability to regulate stress is evaluated using scientifically well-grounded mathematical methods. The biological data are combined with results from different questionnaires that take into account the psychosocial environment of the subject. The individual results are summarised in a personal stress radar, which allows an assessment of the personal stress level at one glance. Stress Pilot® Pro provides a solid basis for stress management and stress prevention in sports and companies.

The Stress Pilot® Pro avoids a clinical appearance and instead focuses on easy handling and positive result presentation. Thanks to a sample rate of 500 Hz, the system is able to receive valid and precise data.

Analyzed aspects

  • Respiratory sinus arrhythmia (RSA)
  • Recoverability (RMSSA)
  • Resting pulse as fitness indicator
  • Psychosocial aspects: stressors, stress type,
    stress consequences, protective factors, …
  • Correlation with subjective self-assessment
  • Individual Stress Radar
  • Output as single or group report
  • Supplementary biofeedback training
    based on results possible

SPP device

Areas of Application.

Sports & Fitness

Our multi-purpose portfolio for gyms, trainers and sports associations.

Companies & Institutions

Products and services for a targeted corporate health management.

Therapy & Medicine

Innovative systems and services for medical doctors and physical therapists.

Public environments

Senior care facilities, schools and local administrations.


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