Preservation and promotion of mobility for senior citizens.

mobee® care stands for assessments and interventions in the field of maintaining and promoting the mobility of senior citizens. Our innovation project, sponsored by the Luxembourg Ministry of Economy, will be available as of 2021. It will add another important component to our mobee® 360 platform.

  • Simple assessments to measure the current mobility status
  • Recommendation of exercises suitable for everyday use
  • Motivation through achievements and awards
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  • Compact anamnesis
  • Age-appropriate tests of motor skills
  • 4 topics: strength, coordination, endurance and mobility
  • Interactive Teach-in
  • Live animation of the movement
  • Comparison with reference values
  • Mobility report
  • Individual awards
  • Contests and rankings
  • Exercise recommendations suitable for everyday use
  • Exercise reporting and documentation

Analysis options

  • (Tandem) Stand test
  • Pick-a-Penny test
  • Shelf test
  • 4m Walk test
  • Timed Up and Go
  • Chair Rise test
  • 30 Second Chair Stand
  • Matthiass test
  • Wall push-up
  • Biceps curls
  • 6 Minute Walk
  • 2 Minute Step
  • Back Scratch test
  • Chair Sit and Reach test
  • Additional mobility tests from the module mobee® fit

mobee care Software

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