Why mobee® care?

A good mobility in old age provides independence, quality of life as well as relief for relatives, nursing staff and cost bearers. With our mobee® care module, which can be integrated into the mobee® 360 platform, we address this important and future-oriented topic with the help of a digital analysis tool that can be used in senior care facilities as well as in therapy or fitness centers with a focus on health promotion and prevention. Previous knowledge in the field of motion analysis is not necessarily required. The scientifically well-grounded tests are carried out playfully and with interactive support. When communicating results, special emphasis is placed on comprehensibility and motivation. Simple, implementable recommendations for daily-life exercises complete the system.


mobee® care will be available from April 2021 and can be pre-ordered.


  • Compact anamnesis
  • Age-appropriate tests of motor skills
  • 4 topics: strength, coordination, endurance and mobility
  • Interactive Teach-in
  • Live animation of the movement
  • Comparison with reference values
  • Mobility report
  • Individual awards
  • Contests and rankings
  • Exercise recommendations suitable for everyday use
  • Exercise reporting and documentation

Analysis options

  • (Tandem) Stand test
  • Pick-a-Penny test
  • Shelf test
  • 4m Walk test
  • Timed Up and Go
  • Chair Rise test
  • 30 Second Chair Stand
  • Matthiass test
  • Wall push-up
  • Biceps curls
  • 6 Minute Walk
  • 2 Minute Step
  • Back Scratch test
  • Chair Sit and Reach test
  • Additional mobility tests from the module mobee® fit