Posture and spinal function.

mobee® spine allows a unique, functional analysis of the spine and the back. Aspects such as posture, mobility and postural competence are presented clearly and form the basis for targeted visualisations and well-founded exercise recommendations. With the mobee® spine software, the long-proven SpinalMouse® process is raised to a new,
contemporary level!

  • Positioning as a professional
    back expert
  • Targeted approach to causes of
    back pain and posture problems
  • Proof of efficacy for many therapeutic
    and preventive measures
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mobee spine.

Why mobee® spine?

The analysis is carried out with the help of a handy measuring device, which is used to move over the back in various measuring positions. The curvature of the
spine is recognized via the surface. The results allow conclusions about the shape of the spine and the functional interaction of vertebrae in motion or under load. Function and anomalies are made visible – both at the level of individual vertebrae and in regions – and can be used as a planning basis and success control for measures in the field of back health. Targeted gymnastic exercise recommendations complete the overall package.

The new mobee® spine software

The mobee® spine software is available to users of former MediMouse®/SpinalMouse® products as a software upgrade as well as through a complete package including the newest “idiag M360” hardware.

Analysis options:

  • Inclination of the upper body
  • Examination of the basic shape of the spine
  • Harmonious participation of the vertebrae
    and segments in the back shape
  • Finding “hot spots”, e.g. via paradoxical
    angular positions or angle leaps
  • Identification of
    hyper- and hypomobilities
  • Evaluation of postural competence
    under load
  • Screening of scoliotic tendencies
  • Interactive spine analyses in 3D

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