mobee® spine - preventive back screening.

mobee® spine records, visualizes and evaluates the functional condition of the back as part of measures for the primary prevention of back pain and provides recommendations for preventive interventions based on this.

  • Positioning as a professional back expert
  • Targeted approach to the causes of back pain and posture problems
  • Proof of effectiveness for many prevention measures
  • Available from April 2024, can be pre-ordered now
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Why mobee® spine?

Every spine is as individual as a fingerprint. There is no such thing as a “good” or “bad” spine per se. Nevertheless, there are favorable and unfavorable biomechanical load conditions that lead to a lower or higher load on the spine and its surrounding structures. Persistent overloading can sooner or later lead to back pain.
mobee® spine draws conclusions about the shape of the spine based on the surface contour of the back and can identify which favorable or unfavorable load conditions are present. On the basis of the identified load conditions, back exercises are recommended, the regular performance of which can have a positive effect on the load conditions and prevent persistent overloading.
The new mobee® spine will be available during the 1st quarter of 2024.

Properties of mobee® spine

  • Comprehensive, functional analysis of the spine
  • Sagittal and frontal analysis planes
  • Consideration of sections and regions of the spine
  • Supplied & own analysis protocols
  • 3D animations
  • Display of changes in functional aspects over time
  • Customizable result reports
  • back exercise recommendations

Analysis and viewing options of mobee® spine

  • Inclination of hips and upper body
  • Even distribution of the spinal curves
  • Harmonious contribution of vertebrae to the spinal curve
  • Range of movement
  • Uniformity of movement in different positions
  • Reaction to load (postural competence)
  • Lateral inclination tendencies

mobee spine

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